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This article does not include Kashmir. In keeping with a traditional duty since independence, the Indian Army has undertaken a key role in coordinating and running relief operations. See Article History Kashmir earthquake ofdisastrous earthquake that occurred on Oct. The danger of disease spreading, including measlesincreased dramatically.

Kashmir earthquake: Broken city, broken promises

Humanity First - The first to reach the earthquake zone. The SN Disability Program then focused on rehabilitation of persons with spinal cord injury, with the help of national and international volunteers, mainly from Canada.

Gen Farrukh Seir was in charge of foreign relief co-ordination. A coordinator said that Kashmir earthquake "initial needs appear to be tents, blankets, medical kits, food aid, water and trauma counseling for those affected.

Proper identification of various types of these movements is very essential for proposing their mitigation and preventing future loss of life and property.

Earthquake in Oklahoma rumbles through several US states!

What would this be Kashmir earthquake to? Doctors, paramedics and volunteers from UK, Canada, USA and Pakistan opened medical and tent camps which still continue to provide longterm health care and shelter to the victims of the earthquake. Some roads are now open but many areas might still be inaccessible.

The earthquake also affected countries in the surrounding region where tremors were felt in AfghanistanTajikistan and Chinese Xinjiang.

JEN constructed 3 permanent structure earthquake proof Schools and 3 Shelter schools, each school contains 2 shelters. Now if you can do the same for the "Moment Magnitude scale", which I for one have no understanding whatsoever, without about 60 pages of complex mathematical gibberish, you will be doing well!

Since then, measurements from satellites have shown that mountain parts directly above the epicenter have risen by a few meters, giving ample proof that the rising of the Himalayas is still going on, and that this earthquake was a consequence of that. Rediff Indonesia - Indonesia is sending a C Hercules aircraft with a medical team, medicine and various emergency materials to Pakistan.

Hundreds of thousands of buildings had been reported collapsed or sustained severe damage. Some body changed it, without reason. Hospitals, schools, and rescue services including police and armed forces were paralysed.

International response to the 2005 Kashmir earthquake

In his letter, Castro said that Kashmir earthquake was difficult for him to rest when thousands of Pakistanis were spending their days in pain, awaiting surgery. They created a credit program for affected families.

Occurring during the month of Ramadan, the quake caught most people napping in their homes after their pre-dawn meal. And the claim that deaths may reachneeds to be sourced.

Singapore - Main article: Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 2: Here's a link dated 8th November which states it to be an estimate: Engineering Geology, 93 Pakistani authorities have neither confirmed or endorsed those numbers.

The government added EUR 10 million, on October 11, Most of landslides were small and only one the Hattian Bala landslide was major. They also agreed that SOS should be temporary guardian until relatives could be traced.

At least 32, buildings collapsed in various cities in the Kashmir region—including Anantnag and Srinigar in Jammu and Kashmir state, India—with additional property losses reported in the Pakistani cities of Islamabad, Lahore, and Gujrat, among others.10 facts about Kashmir earthquake will remind you all about the tragedy in It was a big natural disaster which was cause of the attacked between tectonic Eurasian plates and Indian.

People were killed and injured; the city was dark because most of the buildings were destroyed. An earthquake measuring on the Richter scale jolted Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday, although there were no reports of casualties or damage to properties.

An official of the state disaster. The Kashmir earthquake occurred at Pakistan Standard Time on 8 October in Pakistan-administered areas of Kashmir.

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It was centered near the city of Muzaffarabad, and also affected Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and Indian-administered Jammu and bigskyquartet.com intensity: VIII (Severe). The Kashmir earthquake' (also known as the South Asian earthquake or the Great Pakistan earthquake) ofdesignates a major earthquake with its epicenter in the Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

The earthquake occurred at Pakistan Standard Time ( UTC) on October 8, Bhaderwah: High intensity earthquake shook the Chenab valley, including Bhaderwah, Kishtwar and Doda districts, on Tuesday morning.

Kashmir earthquake: Broken city, broken promises

Reports reaching KNO that said that people rushed out of their homes as the quake struck at am. The epicenter of the quake that lasted for few seconds was not.

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Kashmir earthquake
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